What we can Provide

Below are the systems and services we do

Fire Fighting Equipment

All types of fire extinguishers, hose reels, hose racks, pressure reducing valves, landing valves and hydrants.

Fire Fighting Systems

All types of sprinklers, valves, special valves and accessories. Including deluge, pre-action, and water hybrid systems.

Fire Suppression Systems

QIBS Supply and Apply premium fire suppression systems. We provide clean agent (Novec and FM-200), inert gas, foam based, Aerosol, and all special application systems. Our solutions are known for their reliability and efficiency.

Fire Pumps

Complete range of certified fire fighting pumps. Electric and diesel sets. Vertical turbine, end suction and horizontal split case. All type of controllers and accessories.

Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable and conventional control panels, initiating devices, voice evacuation system, wireless technology, air sampling detection, flame and gas detection and explosion proof products.

Safety and Rescue Equipment

Supplying and providing solutions of all types of fire safety, protective equipment, rescue tools, and vehicles.

Engineering Support

QIBS has a qualified and trained in-house engineering department that serves all projects and clients. We do also provide value engineering services.

After Sales Services

QIBS carries all after sales services including systems upgrade, modifications and renovations. Repairing and refilling for all types of fire extinguishers.

Preventive Maintenance

We provide annual preventive maintenance contracts meeting international standards and local authority approvals.